Phytotherapy, Skin & Beauty – February, 2013

“I loved the individual discussion of each essential oil and its applications.”

Food as Medicine: Basics – January, 2013

“Handouts are great references.”

Food as Medicine: Meal Planning – October, 2012

“The last class was my absolute favorite! Loved the practical guidance on stocking the pantry and all of the recipes!!”

Pathologies, Herbs & Diet – September, 2012

“I liked the flexibility of being able to participate at home and I also really enjoyed the handouts.”

“I loved the format. Consistent and clear. Great overview as I am beginning my journey into Ayuryoga…”

“I really liked the bridge made between western medicine and Ayurveda.”

Ayurvedic Nutrition, Herbs & Spices – May, 2012

“I finally feel that I have a beginning grasp of the uses of some common herbs beyond memorizing their rasa, virya, vipak.”

“I liked the webinar format more than I thought I would. I enjoyed being in the webinar with friends, even though I couldn’t see or interact with any of them during the seminar.”

“I appreciate that the sessions are recorded and provided to us to encourage deeper understanding.”

“Sonia embodies a deep level of knowledge and expertise which she shares with her students in a very concise, detailed and meaningful way.”

“I really liked the case studies. That helped open up everything.”

“It was fun, accessible and interactive online. Truly inspiring!”

“I loved it!!! Thank you”

“I really appreciate how efficiently Sonia presented her material. We covered a lot without feeling too hurried and without wasting a minute. This was a priceless experience!”

“I would definitely do it again or recommend it to a friend.”

Female Pathologies, Case Studies & Cures – April, 2012

“The material was very clear and complete and the recordings are a great idea so we can always go back and listen to the class again.”

“Thank you Sonia for offering so many opportunities to learn about herbs and Ayurveda.”

“I liked Sonia’s teaching style – professional and relaxed with a comfortable, easy nature.”

“The content of the webinar was great.”

“Thank you so much! Your knowledge base is inspiring!!”

Drug Depletions & Drug-Herb Interactions – March, 2012

“The information was new to me, and really, really valuable.”

“You are doing a great service for the students.”

An Ayurvedic Understanding of Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements – February, 2012

“Love Sonia’s depth of knowledge and how she connects the dots between Ayurveda and our modern lifestyle and modern supplements!”

“Sonia is a great presenter.”

“My mind expands without boundaries.”

“Very well presented.”

Food as Medicine: Healing Superfoods – January, 2012

“Such a fun class.”

“I learned so much in the seminar”

“Awesome. This is the future.”

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